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Top 6: Songs Wes Borland likes to play with various bands

May 14th, 2013

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Wes Borland is a man of many faces. He’s also a man of many bands. Everyone knows him for playing guitar in Limp Bizkit but he’s been in half a dozen others. Half a dozen, eh? Sounds like perfect fodder for a Top 6, so we asked him to pick his favourite song from each of them. The problem is that he’s played in more than six bands so this list doesn’t even include Big Dumb Face.

Wes Borland’s favourite songs to play with his Top 6 bands

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Top 6… Songs about fire (it’s Guy Fawkes Night!)

November 5th, 2011

fire thrash hits

It’s Guy Fawkes Night. It’s Bonfire Night. It’s Fireworks Night. It’s the 5th of November. Remember, remember. All of that – you know the drill. Basically we’re going to not get drunk tonight and instead we’re going to responsibly nail a gunpowder-filled circular tube to the fence and set it alight. Sounds silly, doesn’t it. Anyway, here’s something of a soundtrack.

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Album: The Ghost Of A Thousand – New Hopes, New Demonstrations

May 21st, 2009

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The Ghost Of A Thousand
New Hopes, New Demonstrations
Epitaph Records
01 June 2009

by Raziq Rauf

It’s difficult making a follow-up when your first album is universally lauded but people don’t call The Ghost Of A Thousand, “Brighton’s finest,” for no reason. They went into the writing and recording of New Hopes, New Demonstrations knowing exactly what they wanted and haven’t they done well.

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