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Special occasion? Need a card? Try cardxcore + win one

February 2nd, 2011

Christmas is done with but Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are almost here, which is why cardxcore is the tattoo-art-oriented greetings card company you need to know about. This collection of “Cards That Don’t Suck” is the brainchild of Gallows bassist, Stu Gili-Ross, so we asked him all about it…

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  • What was the inspiration behind this new business venture?
  • “I was in California with my fiancee taking some time off from Gallows after Warped Tour 2009 and we were trying to think of something cool to do for our engagement party invitations. We soon realized that unless you wanted to spend quite a lot of money on something entirely bespoke and tailor-made, there was nothing really widely available that didn’t completely suck!

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    Thrash Hits TV: Gallows talk about Grey Britain

    March 16th, 2009

    gallows 2009 promo photo thrash hits band grey britain

    Recently, Thrash Hits went and had a chat with the UK’s finest punk rock exports, Gallows. We got it all on tape… well… a digital HD recorder or something. It’s technology.

    It’s an interesting time for the Watford punks what with their second album, Grey Britain being released on a major label, a massive headline tour with Every Time I Die as main support and all the other crap that goes with one of the most in-the-spotlight bands in the country.

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    Poll: What do you think about Gallows?

    March 11th, 2009

    Gallows Thrash Hits Frank Carter Steph Carter Stuart Gili Ross Lee Barnard

    Gallows are back in town and over two years after exploding onto the UK punk rock scene, they’re still dividing opinion left, right and centre.

    It was autumn 2006 when the mainstream press began to take notice of the Watford hardcore rock ‘n’ rollers. Some incendiary shows in London made every writer and photographer in the capital wondering where his or her pen went or why their camera lens is smashed on the floor.

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    Gallows showcase Grey Britain songs live in London at Watchmen event

    March 9th, 2009

    Gallows play the Watchmen party @ London SEOne - Thrash Hits

    It’s a funny setting under the arches near London Bridge tonight. The approach to the venue has smashed up cars and painted tow trucks along with a scattering of folk dressed to the nines, ready to see a movie that’s even more hyped than The Dark Knight was – Watchmen.

    We turned up halfway through the film and had a drink or two in preparation for the mighty Gallows. You always seem to need some Dutch courage during their shows…

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