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Timo Tolkki

Album: Symfonia – In Paradisum

March 18th, 2011

In Paradisum
Edel Music
04 April 2010

by Tom Dare

There’s a band I’m not going mention in this review. In fact there’s a box with their name on it, and every time I do I have to put a quid in for the Thrash Hits Christmas party. It’s the band Timo Tolkki used to be in, and I don’t want anyone comparing Symfonia to them in any way. Why? Because Symfonia’s first album In Paradisum stands up on its own without needing the association. New band, new members, new bundle of joy. Clear? Good.

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Album: Stratovarius – Elysium

January 27th, 2011

Edel Music
14 January 2011

by Tom Dare

There are returns to form, and there is cynically seeking refuge in the time people liked you and bought your records that leave you rather cold. With this, their thirteenth album, Stratovarius have firmly and triumphantly returned to form in the best possible way. Time to practice your air keytar. [Read more →]

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