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Bad Band Photos 008: Matt Skiba (And The Sekrets)

March 1st, 2012

Matt Skiba is one of our heroes. The frontman of Alkaline Trio (one of our Bands of the Decade) has started a new project with the AFI bassist, Hunter Burgan and the My Chemical Romance touring drummer, Jarrod Alexander. Maybe it’s just something about feather headdresses but…

Matt Skiba
From: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Actually from: Somewhere with loads of peace pipes to smoke ‘stuff’, obviously
Age: 36… it’s a tough age, fashion-wise
LOL factor: 6/6 – he didn’t even inflict it on the other Sekrets
URL: Facebook // Twitter

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Album: Evita – Minutes And Miles

July 20th, 2009

evita 2008 basick records thrash hits band promo photo

Minutes And Miles
Basick Records
13 July 2009

by Chris Cope

As debut albums go, this ain’t a bad one. Some are barnstorming, prophetic visions of what music should be, whilst some meekly near their heads before sneaking back into muggy obscurity. This album by Bristol’s Evita rests snugly somewhere in the middle; it’s a bit like the Anthony Worrall Thompson of metal.

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Album: Rusty Eye – Possessor

July 14th, 2009

rusty eye 2009 california band promo photo

Rusty Eye
30 June 2009

by Mark Eglinton

Now, I’m not one for exaggeration so you can take this as gospel truth; this emission by a three-piece out of Hollywood, California will be by some considerable margin the most unique sound you’ll hear anytime soon.

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Album: Enter Shikari – Common Dreads

June 10th, 2009

enter shikari 2009 band thrash hits tom barnes promo photo

Enter Shikari
Common Dreads
Ambush Reality / Atlantic Records
15 June 2009

by Salvadore Fernandez

After shifting over 100,000 copies of their debut album, Take To The Skies without the help of a record label, it’s not difficult to see why there’s a hefty air of expectation about Common Dreads – the second effort from the Hertfordshire fusion mob.

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Album: Man Raze – Surreal

June 8th, 2009

man raze promo photo thrash hits band

Man Raze
Universal Music
08 June 2009

by Luke Morton

When looking at their credentials, Man Raze sound like what could be a ‘mini supergroup’. The band are Phil Collen (vocals/guitar) who currently plays guitar in legendary rock outfit Def Leppard, Paul Cook (drums) who is founder member and former drummer of the Sex Pistols and finally Simon Laffy (bass) who has been a long time friend of Collen and a member of Collen’s pre-Def Leppard band Girl.

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Album: Def Leppard – Pyromania: Deluxe Edition

June 7th, 2009

def leppard taylor swift country crossroads tv thrash hits

Def Leppard
Pyromania Deluxe Edition
Universal Music
08 June 2009

by Luke Morton

Few bands today are able to call themselves legends and still be on tour. Some have given us all they could 10 or so years ago and then faded away in obscurity, but some have kept rocking for the past 30 years; Def Leppard are one of those bands. Having played to millions of fans worldwide, Def Leppard are widely regarded as one of the best New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands.

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Album: CKY – Carver City

May 6th, 2009

cky roadrunner band promo photo thrash hits 2008

Carver City
Roadrunner Records
18 May 2009

by Sophia Murray

CKY have returned once again with their new album Carver City which is jam packed with those grooved out post- grudge, sludgy rifts and, catchy choruses you will not be able to get out of your head for a couple of days.

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Album: Isis – Wavering Radiant

March 27th, 2009

isis 2009 band promo photo thrash hits laananen wavering radiant

Wavering Radiant
Conspiracy Records
04 May 2009

by Hazel Robinson

Aaron Turner has described Wavering Radiant as “the closest [Isis] will get to pop,” and said that it’s less rhythmically weird than previous albums. They’ve been working with Joe Barresi, rather than band staple Matt Bayles, as producer and apparently made the effort to all be living in the same place during the writing and recording. It’s not difficult to see how a change would occur, but at the same time, everything that was said about this album before I heard it made me feel as hellishly excited that Isis were back as it made me feel slightly ill at the thought of Isis going a bit rubbish by accident.

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