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Album: Tombs – Savage Gold

June 4th, 2014

Tombs 2014 promo photo Thrash Hits

Savage Gold
Relapse Records
10 June 2014

by Pete Long

We live in an era of post-[suffix] genres. Tombs, the Brooklyn four-piece that made a name for themselves with 2011’s Path of Totality, might be loosely described as post-everything. In a fit of what might be described as either extreme ambition or common sense, they’ve taken a huge array of influences and welded them together. If their new album, Savage Gold, can’t convert people to Tombs’ way of thinking, then absolutely nothing will.

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Album: Mutilation Rites – Empyrean

May 18th, 2012

Mutilation Rites promo photo Thrash Hits

Mutilation Rites
22 May 2012

by Tom Dare

Brief Guide On How To Make Black Metal In 2012:

1) Pick your basic influence. This should be a Scandinavian band active in the early 1990s or Bathory.
2) Decide whether to A) simply rip off said band or B) do something new. If A), you’re done. If B), move on to number 3.
3) Liberally draw inspiration from a French black metal band.
4) Add in one or more of the following elements to make yourself immediately distinct: post-rock, doom, crusty hardcore, prog, Neurosis, noise, electronica, instruments/melodies/rhythms distinct to your country of origin

It’s a recipe that’s served Mutilation Rites very well on their debut album Empyrean.

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Album: Agalloch – Marrow Of The Spirit

November 17th, 2010

Marrow Of The Spirit
Profound Lore Records
23 November 2010

by Tom Dare

Agalloch like to keep us waiting. Marrow Of The Spirit is their first album in four years, and only their fourth in eleven years of releasing. The pay-off is that when they do release an album, it seeps straight into your chest and caresses your heartstrings like Adrian Smith playing ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’. Agalloch return with a towering monolith of brilliance. [Read more →]


Album: Woe – Quietly, Undramatically

November 11th, 2010

Quietly, Undramatically
Candlelight Records
01 November 2010

by Tom Dare

Americans are supposed to be rubbish at three things – football, brewing beer, and black metal. In reality, the US drew with England at the World Cup, has one of the best ranges of microbreweries anywhere in the world, and as long as they’re producing records like Woe’s second album Quietly, Undramatically, they’ve got some of the most interesting and exciting black metal bands of recent times.

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Album: Abigail Williams – In The Absence Of Light

August 31st, 2010

Abigail Williams
In The Absence Of Light
Candlelight Records
27 September 2010

by Tom Dare

The overuse of symphonic keyboards is something of a bugbear amongst those of us who delve into the world of the filthy and wretched. While some bands use them to ornament and texture their work, others either end up smothering their guitar parts with them, or as a smokescreen to obscure a scarcity of ideas. Abigail Williams have previously been accused of the latter, but can be no longer. It’s much worse than that.

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Album: Nachtmystium – Black Meddle, Pt II: Addicts

July 12th, 2010

Black Meddle Part II: Addicts
Candlelight Records
07 June 2010

by Mike Strata

From Disaronno’s whisky adverts to Andy Gray’s frantic babbling on a Sunday afternoon, the slogan “expect the unexpected” has become so old and tired it makes Zsa Zsa Gabor look positively perky. However, when it comes to describing the audio output of Illinois’ premier psychedelic metal alchemists Nachtmystium over the last few years, there really is no better phrase.

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