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EP: My Dying Bride – The Manuscript

May 20th, 2013

My Dying Bride at Damnation Festival 2012 by Emma Stone Thrash Hits

My Dying Bride
The Manuscript
Peaceville Records
13 May 2013

by Daniel Cairns

Whilst peers like Paradise Lost and Anathema have gone through a litany of musical changes, experimenting with Depeche Mode style electronics and glorious anthemic rock songs, My Dying Bride have mercifully continued to wallow in their Keats-meets-Castlevania misery, writing melodic dirges for those moments at four in the morning when you’re not miserable enough for Khanate, but still feel a bit naff anyway.

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Future Hits 114: Wet Nuns

February 27th, 2012

Wet Nuns 2012 promo photo Thrash Hits

Wet Nuns

From: Sheffield, UK
Lazy equation: (Viking Skull – The Boring Bits) x (The Cramps + Clutch).
URL: Website // Facebook

Thrash Hits Verdict: We admit to being shallow individuals at times. We’re far more likely to click a link to a band that someone suggests to us if said band have an awesome name. Similarly, we’re far more likely to click away from said band with an awesome name if they turn out to be rubbish. Wet Nuns are not rubbish. They describe themselves as an “undead two piece power-death-blues-punk band who makes middle-of-the-road dad rock songs about mainly women or death, or women AND death”. They are in fact, the filthy, sleazy, whiskey-soaked duo of guitarist, Rob Graham and drummer, Alexis Gotts, and they make music that makes us want to get in bar fights in the vain hope that it might impress hot girls with tattoos.

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